Intergroup Representatives

What is an Intergroup Representative Responsible For?

The Intergroup representative is responsible to vote their group’s conscience at Intergroup Meetings. Similar to an AA Group business meeting, the Intergroup meeting is the monthly AA business meeting covering the affairs of AA in District 11 (London-Middlesex Intergroup Area). The Group conscience is made up of elected Intergroup Representatives from their groups.

The Intergroup representative tries to keep their group well informed about what the Intergroup is doing. The Intergroup representative is responsible for participating in Intergroup Meetings with other such representatives monthly to share the experience in carrying the AA message through the services provided by London District 11 Intergroup.

How do I Become an Intergroup representative?

An Intergroup representative is usually voted in at his or her home group. If you home group does not have an Intergroup Rep, you could suggest at your next group’s Business or Group Conscience Meeting that your group elected one.

They Voted for Me in as a Rep - Now What Do I Do?

It is suggested that the Intergroup Representative attend all monthly meeting on the 2nd Tuesday (7:00 PM) each month at the St. Andrews Church - Foxbar Road @ Wellington Road, and other Intergroup functions.

To obtain more information it is suggested that you read the AA Pamphlet 'The AA Group' Click Here and Scroll Down after the pamphlet appears to 'Page-22' and read the text.


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