London & Area AA
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In keeping with Tradition Eleven; the characters depicted as A.A. Members in the Volunteer Ad above,    I know that some members will see a resemblance to themselves or someone else in the membership, however it was not my intention as these are only fictional and not real pictures.
Hugh H.

London, Ontario
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In keeping with the 12 Step and as the Big Book states when all else fails to help another alcoholic, this page is devoted to help members find volunteer positions within Alcoholics Anonymous in London Ontario.

                    I am responsible, when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
                              I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that: I am responsible

Intergroup Office needs help, for more information click here >

24 Hour Help Line Committee needs help, for more information click here >

Members Visiting or Members Relocating to London need volunteers to show
them around (gals with gals & guys with guys) for more information click here >

Bridging the Gap, a new committee responsible for holding meetings in the local
hospitals and the Salvation Army .............. for more information click on here >

Articles and Information needed for the AA Unity Lifeline News Letter
. . . . . . . . to submit to Carlyn the News Letter Editor via e-mail click on here >
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