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If there are any you do not find enjoyable, "Please Do Not Shoot the Messenger", others will find identification with their stories.

Visit this page often; as I will be posting to this page when I receive more speakers sent in from members - So If you have a favourite, drop me an e-mail with your recommendation.

A note from the webmaster - I read some where that when you see on someone's tombstone i.e. 1901 - 1980 the dash (-) sign between the two dates was the most important as that was the person's life.

The 1st of Our Public Service Announcements

These are the Original AA Clips that were shown at movie houses along with world news and coming attractions circa 1946-52 in AA's early years.

For those youngsters out there, The "March of Times" played pre-main feature at each and every Motion Picture House. Since TV wasn't yet common in private homes in the 1940's , the Movie Theatres probably was second only to newspapers in ability to reach the public.
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GUEST BOOK - We welcome your comments and suggestions. Maybe you find a particular speaker that you believe would be good for a Newcomer to hear. Here is also a place to brag about where you live and your Home Group.

Or even a broken link - "God Is Still Working With Me"
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Norman Vincent Peale 
The Power of Positive Thinking   Click Here

Cliff Bishop
PPG Workshop on Dec 2006.
Cliff is from Dallas Texas and even at 90 years young.
Cliff still holds Big Book Workshops LIVE on SKYPE about 5-6 times a week.
A true Elder Statesman for AA.   Click Here

Audrey Chapman & Michael Kelly -
Information About Sponsorship - held June 2011      Click Here

Tom Brady Jnr.  -  “The Solution for Addiction”     Click Here

John Kelly. from Dallas, TX
Workshop held at the Eastside Group in Fort Worth, TX - February 2006   Click Here

Jim Powers - Georgia Jim
Big Book Workshop held at Eufaula AL. 2013     Click Here

Wally Paton
Back to Basics held at Leesburg March 28th. 2009  Click Here

Chris S. & Dave P.
Breaking Down Chapter 7 held at Hatboro PA.- July 12, 2013  Click Here

Barbara Bridges - from Montclair, NJ
12 Steps Over 4 Weeks - held at West Orange, NJ - Click Here

Mark Houston - from Houston, TX
About Recovery, Spirituality and Meditation - Click Here

Hector Elias from Los Angeles - AA's Spritual Way of Life; 2003 - Click Here

Father Terry at the Women's Retreat, Corbitt ,Oregon  1989 - Click Here

Johnny Harrisfrom Los Angeles talks about 
'The Promises and Service' at the Stockholm, Sweden 2004 Convention 2004 - Click Here

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