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Hugh H.
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If there are any you do not find enjoyable, "Please Do Not Shoot the Messenger", others will find identification with their stories.

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A note from the webmaster - I read some where that when you see on someone's tombstone i.e. 1901 - 1980 the dash (-) sign between the two dates was the most important as that was the person's life.

The 1st of Our Public Service Announcements

These are the Original AA Clips that were shown at movie houses along with world news and coming attractions circa 1946-52 in AA's early years.

For those youngsters out there, The "March of Times" played pre-main feature at each and every Motion Picture House. Since TV wasn't yet common in private homes in the 1940's , the Movie Theatres probably was second only to newspapers in ability to reach the public.
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GUEST BOOK - We welcome your comments and suggestions. Maybe you find a particular speaker that you believe would be good for a Newcomer to hear. Here is also a place to brag about where you live and your Home Group.

Or even a broken link - "God Is Still Working With Me"
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Willie Burns from Florida – spoke at the Lakeland Big Book Study Group 15th Anniversay 2013
Just a note about my "Good Friend Wille" – At his own costs Willie compiles these Audio Files and hosts them on his website for Our Fellowship to listen to and share with others. - Click Here

Shelly D. of Arkansas at the Mississippi Old Times Roundup Jackson MS 2008 - Click Here

Blind Dave A. from Austin TX at the Mark Houston Recovery Centre in Austin TX 2008- Click Here

Mark Houston’s Last Talk before his passing at the 63rd Tyler Anniversay 2010 - Click Here

Esther - 1st Sober Women in Texas and the author of the Big Book Story, “A FLOWER OF THE SOUTH,”
Her story first appeared in the 2nd edition of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Esther recorded this AA talk in Lubbock, Texas on January 1st, 1954. She is introduced as, “The Mammy of AA in the Southwest.” Esther starts her talk by stating that she was “Dry” for 12 years as of yesterday. She grew up in New Orleans in an Episcopalian home and there was always wine on the dinner table. Her early home life was very happy. Esther says her father was very indulgent. It’s only now, after getting sober that she realizes she was always maladjusted. In 1931 while living in Dallas, Texas and having been married for seven years, she decided she wanted a divorce. It was at that point that her drinking really took off. Esther eventually ended up in the “Booby Hatch.” She spent 17 days in there and came out worse than she was when she went in. Esther fondly recalls her last conversation with Dr Bob. Near the end of the talk, she gives the newcomer some hope by saying, “I believe that AA is within the reach of every alcoholic. If there is anyone here for the first time, I would like to leave you with the feeling that there is no situation too difficult, none too desperate and no challenge too great that it can’t be overcome by this great life-saving movement of Alcoholics Anonymous”.- Click Here

Helen Malerich spoke at the Fall Frolic Lincoln NE in 1981 - Click Here

Serenity Sam from Richmond Indiana at the Santa Barbara AA Convention 2001

Lots of humor in this talk. At the time of this recording, Sam was 74 years old and sober for 45 years. Sam opens up by saying, "I'd like to share my experience, strength, and scar tissue with you.....Get Your Own Hope!" He says that he drank for as long as he possibly could and then a couple of years longer. Even though there’s a ton of humor in this talk, there’s also a ton of serenity. He finishes his talk by gratefully stating that he’s sober today ONLY because I'm a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.- Click Here

Father Bill Wilson - South Bay Roundup - Torrance California 1988

This is an Alcoholics Anonymous Talk by Father Bill W. Father Bill is a Roman Catholic priest from Ireland and he’s got quite the accent. At the age of fifteen, he left Ireland and went to England to “Save the Heathens.” Father Bill tells several jokes during his talk – he’s fairly humorous. After drinking his last bottle of liquor, he came to the realization that he can’t live WITH alcohol and he can’t live WITHOUT it either. He fell into an awful despair. At his lowest point he went to confession. The priest that heard his confession told him that he didn’t just happen to get there by accident, he was “brought” there. The priest went on to tell him that he is in AA himself and he is the only priest in AA for miles around. Father Bill states that he was very inspired the first time that he read the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. He believed then and still believes that the 12 steps are the perfect plan for living your life. At the end of his talk, Father Bill states, “Thank you for giving me God and I thank God for giving me all of you.” A truly inspired AA talk. - Click Here

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