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THE INTERNET over the past few years has been used as a tool for Newcomers to check out Our Fellowship and AA Members to check out meetings for the area that they plan to visit whether on holidays, a business trip or to visit family or friends or those in the hospital.

FOR VISITORS & AA MEMBERS RELOCATING TO OUR AREA - How many times have you been in a meeting and heard a fellow AA Member share their concerns about going on vacation and whether or not they are planning to attend meetings while they are away. Or on the negative, heard a member coming back share that they did not go to meetings when they moved or been on vacation and found themselves in a situation that caused them to drink.

FOR NEWCOMERS - You have heard stories about Newcomers driving to a meeting but to nervous to come in. Remember when you attended your first meeting, wouldn't it be great to have a contact person take you to their Home Group and introducing you to other members.

NO MIDNIGHT CALLS - IT IS EASY & FUN - Make arrangements to meet this individual at your Home-Group or one of your regular meetings. If you are busy one night ask your Sponsee, Sponsor or another member if they are going and willing.

        Hugh H.
London, Ontario
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