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I am New to AA and would like attend meetings in Our Area
If you would like to correspond with a member for more information then is provided this website. 

AA Members Visiting or Relocating to Our Area
If you are planning to visit or relocate (or already have done so) to the Our Area and would like to correspond with a local member to obtain more information.

If You are Contacting Us on Behalf of a Family Member, a Friend or a Client Please Click Here

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This maybe helpful in selecting a contact member for you. Will you be attending the UWO or Fanshawe College.
Will you be relocating for work or anything you think that would be helpful in finding you someone compatible.

If You Would Like an AA Member Contact
If You are New - This is a Member that you can call for info, someone who will introduce you to other members, to suggest meetings and meet them at the meeting.
If You are Visiting or Relocating Here - It will be a Member you can call for info, someone to introduce you to other members, make plans to meet at a meeting. You can read in the AA Grapevine, a number of members stop going to meeting after they have moved because it is different and if you have been a member for sometime, you know what that ends up - Please fill out this form !!!
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