We know it will be a bit of an adjustment but we are here to help 

All of us were new to the program at one time or the other. I hope you do not mind the following information has been put together over time using answered questions.

Then we added more at different times as we found more material that we thought New Members would be interested in and hopefully you enjoy reading. 

It is most helpful if both you and your spouse take the time to click on to these information links (at separate times) to understand how we stay sober.

​The only difference between the New Person and the Old-timer is:
- The New People "Hope AA Works" and Old-timers "Know that AA Does Work"

We hope that you will take the time to read it, save it and then click on the links and read the rest when you have time or when you cannot sleep at night. Not being able to sleep at night in normal when you quit drinking.

Please read the web-links the information provided will help you to understand how Our AA Fellowship goes on to help people "Get & Stay Sober" and some information about the 'Disease of Alcoholism.

When you go by yourself to your first couple of meetings, (if you go without a older member) I would suggest that you arrive about 15 minutes early to that you can introduce yourself to the chairperson and sit at the front so you can hear everything. DO NOT WORRY the Chairperson will not center you out and you will not be asked to do or say anything unless you wanted to. 

The chairperson is usually the person sitting at the front and maybe getting papers together for the meeting, is making the coffee or setting up the chairs. There might also be a couple of the Group's Members helping out. Most members arrive just on time but there maybe other newcomers like yourself wanting to introduce themselves to the chairperson.

Introduce yourself to the chairperson as a newcomer, it will save you later as you will not be asked to read or take part in any of the formal start to the meeting and later you will only be asked to speak if you really want to (most newcomers are shy at first – I was too).

Just sit back and take the meeting in. It is a way to find out how meetings are conducted and if you go to the same meetings every week, you will get to know some of the other members. Ask for a paper meeting list (it is free) and is handy to put into your car, purse or pocket for finding meetings in the future.

If you have any questions after the meeting, usually there are members who stay for a while and talk in side the meeting room or if you smoke, there will be members outside (in good weather) that will be outside the doors having a smoke and talking to others. If you had heard a member share during the meeting that you liked, this is the time to approach them and ask questions.

Open Meetings are for anyone (this Includes You) who:
- Think they might have a drinking problem
- Interested in AA because of one of there family members has a drinking problem.
- Especially helpful to those employed in Health Care 
- We hope to see you come out a few times to our Open Meeting to understand the disease from the patients point of view and show that alcoholism can be arrested. 

If a meeting is "open" it will be so designated on the published schedule Paper Meeting List or this Website. Open meetings can be attended by students, professionals, and other non-members interested in learning more about the recovery programs.

Generally speaking, in open meetings anyone may attend-but only recovering alcoholics are allowed to participate by sharing/talking. Non-alcoholics are welcome to just listen.

Closed meetings are for A.A. members only:
- Or for those who have a drinking problem and "have a desire to stop drinking." 
- However you cannot take anyone that is not a member of AA with you to a Closed Meeting.

Here are some interesting links for you. They may answer some of your questions and are good to pass the time. Some of our members even after several years of being sober click on this links and find some of them are just like being at a meeting. Not to replace meetings but if they cannot get out to a meeting for various reasons, they like to make the contact via the Internet



MORE ABOUT ALCOHOLISM http://www.whytehouse.com/big_book_search/aspbook/ch3p30.asp 




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